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This plugin secures your dashboard and data. An authentication scheme is set up on the existing Hapi router which uses HMAC JWT's. Passwords are hashed using Argon2, the latest winner of the password hashing contest - newer than PBKDF2, Bcrypt and Scrypt!
Store your users in a JSON file on disk, no requirements to setup a separate database! Use an LDAP database if you are on a domain, or even a MongoDB database if you feel like it. This plugin supports it all!
2-Factor authentication
Key setup with QR code
LDAP login integration
MongoDB user storage
File-based user storage
Argon2 hashed passwords
Per-dashboard authentication
Role-based access control

We recommend setting up TLS and authentication for ElasticSearch and Kibana. If your ElasticSearch server is publicly available then this plugin will only protect your dashboard configuration in Kibana, not any data.


Please consult the official documentation for instructions on how to install third-party plugins.

Plugin installation guide

Please contact me if you have any questions, feedback, feature requests.. or anything else really.